Pregnant onions

Scott Mcphee hyphae at
Mon Sep 7 00:06:27 EST 1998

Do they grow extremely slow for you also? I have some that are a year old
and they have barely grown at all. I have seen pictures of them flowering
and they are quite beautiful. How old do they have to be and what time of
year do they usually flower?


Scott Mcphee

Pariah wrote in message <35f3403f.0 at>...
>i got all you need right here! if you'd like some young starts that are a
>few years old, let me know and i'll send some to you for postage or
>JULIE LICAUSE wrote in message
><15654-35F2D6FC-63 at>...
>I'm not sure if this is the right group or not, but it's the only one
>that I could find that has anything to do with plants.  I'm trying to
>find pregnant onion start, and I can't find any in Arkansas!  Doie
>anyone know where I can get some?  Thanks

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