Alien plant appeared in Croatian garden

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Subject: Re: Alien plant appeared in Croatian garden

I have received several answers to the riddle:
>>Phytolacca americana; Pokeweed

Yes, that's the plant I saw in the garden in

I wish to thank everybody who answered, and especially Kathy Bilton who
passed the messages to me, as they failed to appear in my newsfeed. (I
received only one through the newsgroup). There are two marvelous web
addresses addressing this particular plant and I thank the authors for making
fo= all&name=sci

I won't taste the Poke Salad, thank you :-)
but I may try to paint a purple smudge to
remind me of this wonderful experience.
Getting the information so quickly was
the crown on the whole thing.

I'm afraid the plant won't survive, though,
since it's potentially dangerous and no
real use (farmers tend to be practical).

>Have you looked in Darwin's black box lately?

No. What and where is it?
I would appreciate the answer to my e-mail address.

Thank you all and best of luck with your plants.

Also, here's another URL for Phytolacca info from Mrs. Grieve's herbal:

--Kathy Bilton  kathy  at  fred  dot  net

Kathy Bilton
kathy  at  fred  dot  net

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