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Notice there's an 'h' missing in your spelling!

[C] Spathiphyllum H. W. Schott in H. W. Schott et Endlicher, Melet. Bot. 22.
    T.: S. lanceifolium (N. J. Jacquin) Schott ('lancaefolium') (Dracontium
lanceaefolium N. J. Jacquin)
    Schott's other binomial, S. sagittaefolium, was a nomen nudum.
    PHAN.-ARACEAE (74) - 9 Feb 1996


Wim de Winter

Low Hai Sim wrote:

> Hi,
>         Just wondering if anyone here knows the family/class/genus etc of
> Spatiphyllum.  Can't seem to find this name in some of the taxonomy
> pages.  Thought that this is the scientific name, please correct me if I
> am wrong.  Thanks a lot.
> HS Low

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