Plants as network medium?

Michael Fair michael at
Tue Sep 8 20:40:41 EST 1998

bill davidsen wrote in message
<6sn0fc$6hru$1 at>...
>So you want to ping your Petunias... go out with some Miracle-Gro and
>set the MAC address... pollenating the router... the mind boggles.

Yeah, something like that.

I know bandwidth this low is almost utterly useless for any
conventional data transmission.

I am really just after a proof of concept.  What if we could send
a message around the global because we thought a garden
was a pretty good idea?

I just made an assumption that the Earth already has a built in global
communication system, and all there is to do is find it and start using it.

I think about all the work we will be doing for the rest of our lives
to keep satellites in orbit, and to lay new fiber cables and we still
never be able to fully reach true global communications.

So you tell me? Maybe plants are the wrong route...
But if it did work who knows what the applications could be.

Morse code from deep within the Amazon rain forest?
Network design courses might have a segment on landscaping.

Any other ideas on what this global communication is
and how we could access it?

-- Michael --

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