Plants as network medium?

Tristan Wibberley twibberley at
Wed Sep 9 11:16:33 EST 1998

Allin Cottrell wrote:
> Michael Fair wrote:
> > I just made an assumption that the Earth already has a built in global
> > communication system, and all there is to do is find it and start using it.
> Why would you make such an assumption?  What Darwinian "function" would
> such a global communication system serve?

If a communication process propagates itself, it continues. If there is
no substantial predator (ie noise), it continues. All this needs is a
chance to be initiated, in a system as chaotic as the earth it's quite
likely - inevitable even if the medium for the communication evolved
into widespread existence, and Hydro-Carbon chains and complex
benzo-*-benzy-*-benzoate stuff is *really* good for an
electronic/quantum process - and the propagation need. This gives a
reasonable base for a hypothesis of this kind, and even gives a good
base for a theorum describing the process in detail.

If the propagated signal is stronger than the noise a signal will
survive relatively unperturbed. It would be interesting to see how the
number of attacks on humans by venus flytraps increases in the 20
minutes after a solar flare.

I can't believe I just rationalised the plants as network medium idea -
I need to see a doctor ;)

I've removed comp.os.linux.development.system from this.

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