Lilac Questions

Monique Reed monique at
Wed Sep 9 09:27:16 EST 1998

Talk to your local nurseryman.  Find out for sure what genus you have.  (It 
is probably _Syringa_, though other things do go under the name of "Lilac".)  
Take him a leaf to confirm or refute the powdery mildew diagnosis.  Tell him 
how old/big  your plant is, then ask him about whether it is worth trying to 
save the plant and if you should plant it now or try to overwinter it.  If the 
plant is very ill and unlikely to survive the winter, he may advise you 
to hold a tasteful little memorial service and try again with a new 
plant in the spring.  Someone a little more familiar with your local climate 
will be more help than me.  Hey, I'm from Texas!  We can't even grow Lilacs at 
all in what passes for soil in this part of the state!!!

M. Reed

 >Ok.  Any chance you know what to do next?

>Monique Reed wrote:
>> The white, at least sounds like powdery mildew.  Many lilacs are very
>> susceptible.
>> M. Reed
>> >I received a lilac bush, about 3 feet tall, three months ago.
>> >I didn't have a place to plant it, so I left it in its pot.  Well, three
>> >months later, the bush is not happy.  The leaves are wilting and have a
>> >white deathly look to them.
>> >My Question:
>> >I live in Wisconsin.  Should I plant this lilac in the ground, so close
>> >to winter? Should I move it to a bigger pot?  Take it inside for the
>> >winter?
>> >Thanks for your help!

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