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Louise Cooper <Louise at> wrote in message

>Me? I'm going to join the HDRA, and try to do my bit for the Seed
>Heritage programme. Wonder how many of the "experts" now working with
>genetically engineered crops are the same people who once assured us
>that Thalidomide was safe...?

I'd say nil because you're trying to get a response by putting medical
experts, botanical experts, chemical and pharmaceutical experts, civil
servants/government advisors into one category.

Shows something about the way people think doesn't it?

Next you'll be telling us those "experts" are feeding cereals Viagra to
create a more erect stem so crops don't readily suffer from wind damage.

As for genetically engineered crops - you need to get out there and do
something......or just wait until another no-scruples country tries

Time for South Park...


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