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Fri Sep 11 23:45:04 EST 1998

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>Apologies to anyone who feels this is 'off-topic'.
>Don't know about anyone else, but I'd like to reassure David that I, for
>one, certainly don't feel that this is off-topic. Genetic engineering is
>a subject that, whatever our individual views, is likely to increasingly
>affect us all as gardeners in the future, and the more information we
>have, as the earliest possible stage, the better. 
This has been said and agreed several times before in this group. 
GMOs are of direct concern to gardeners because of their likely effects
on future plants and horticultural practices.  
>Me? I'm going to join the HDRA, and try to do my bit for the Seed
>Heritage programme. Wonder how many of the "experts" now working with
>genetically engineered crops are the same people who once assured us
>that Thalidomide was safe...?

They will not be the same people but they are of the same ilk. 
They operate by similar methods and for much the same reasons. 

Alan Gould

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