a special tree for a newborn grandchild

Rik Van Bruggen rik at ecom.be
Sat Sep 12 03:16:52 EST 1998

Hello there

me and my family are living in Antwerp, Belgium, and we are very fond of a
particular forest located in the area. We go and walk there every week for
many years now, and liked it so much that we actually bought a couple of
acres - just to make sure that it wouldn't fall into the hands of luring
project development companies.

Now we are in the middle of one of the greatest events of our lives: my
daughter is pregnant, and the baby's due next month. You can imagine we're
all excited!!! For this occasion, I want to plant a tree in the part of the
woods that we own - and preferable a Giant Sequoia Tree. It's all about the
symbolism and the gesture of course.

Now here comes my question: would any of you know where and how I could by a
tree like this anywhere near Belgium?

I hope you can help me with this.

Thanks for e-mailing me on the address mentioned above!!

Best regards!


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            Innovatie & Incubatie Centrum
            Technologiepark 3
            9052 Zwijnaarde

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            Fax +32-(0)9-245 18 14
            e-mail: rik at ecom.be
            URL: http://www.ecom.be

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