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> Wonder how many of the "experts" now working with
>>genetically engineered crops are the same people who once assured us
>>that Thalidomide was safe...?
>I'd say nil because you're trying to get a response by putting medical
>experts, botanical experts, chemical and pharmaceutical experts, civil
>servants/government advisors into one category.
Error on my part - what I meant was not literally "the same people" but
"the same sort of people" - and it wasn't intended as a slight on
scientists in general, but only a comment about a certain kind of mind-
set that, IMHO, follows the goal of innovation at the expense of *any*
degree of caution. I'm not saying that it *is* a road to disaster; I'm
simply saying that the *possibility* of disaster - and a very major one
- can't be ruled out. Official reassurances that "nothing can possibly
go wrong" simply don't impress me any more.
>Shows something about the way people think doesn't it?
Yes, indeed - in my case from a combination of experience, observation
and (hands up!) cynicism! But then, if we all thought the same way, that
really WOULD be worrying, wouldn't it? :-))

Whoops, Louise, that's enough - I'm going too far off topic, and I
apologise for it. 
Louise Cooper

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