enzyme activity in pigeonpea cotyledons

Charu Sudan csudan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 14 11:57:14 EST 1998

dear friends,

I have observed GUS-like activity in pigeonpea. In the cotyledons, 
histochemical staining  for GUS can be localized to scattered groups of 
cells. Would appreciate some help and guidance.
Could it be microbial? 
anyone with similar observations in this or any other system?.
 Any speculations on it's possible role in cotyledons ? 
Or, can anyone give me references on the role of glycosidases in 
Also can anyone help me with the protocol for in situ localization of 
GUS on gel. Has it ever been tried for endogenous plant GUS?
Any response would be welcome.
Please contact me direct on csudan at hotmail.com
Thanks in advance
C. Sudan

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