Genetically engineered crops - List of sites

Alastair Rae arae at
Mon Sep 14 06:56:22 EST 1998

Louise Cooper wrote:
> In article <G7w8rHAB5Z91Ew2b at>, David Brear
> <dbrear at> writes
> >The list of sites known as the Public Register Index is now
> >available
> <snip>
> Apologies to anyone who feels this is 'off-topic'.
> Don't know about anyone else, but I'd like to reassure David that I, for
> one, certainly don't feel that this is off-topic. Genetic engineering is
> a subject that, whatever our individual views, is likely to increasingly
> affect us all as gardeners in the future [...]

It might effect you as gardeners but this is definitely off-topic in
uk.rec.birdwatching. Please do not cross post into uk.r.b.

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