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Wed Sep 16 03:54:31 EST 1998

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>>Error on my part - what I meant was not literally "the same people" but
>>"the same sort of people" - and it wasn't intended as a slight on
>>scientists in general, but only a comment about a certain kind of mind-
>>set that, IMHO, follows the goal of innovation at the expense of *any*
>>degree of caution. 
>I think you're being a bit too kind Louise. There are some scientists
>(or maybe 'experts') who are simply for hire. They aren't interested
>in innovation, they're interested in who pays their salary. It makes
>me mad when people are happy to believe these people, even when what
>they're saying defies common sense.

It is the interests of the people who pay the salaries that bothers me.
As you say the researchers into Genetic Engineering are doing it for
their salary, but why are they being paid to do so, and who by?
Alan Gould

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