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>On Sat, 12 Sep 1998 14:41:58 +0100, Louise Cooper
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>>Error on my part - what I meant was not literally "the same people" but
>>"the same sort of people" - and it wasn't intended as a slight on
>>scientists in general, but only a comment about a certain kind of mind-
>>set that, IMHO, follows the goal of innovation at the expense of *any*
>>degree of caution. 

>I think you're being a bit too kind Louise. There are some scientists
>(or maybe 'experts') who are simply for hire. They aren't interested
>in innovation, they're interested in who pays their salary. It makes
>me mad when people are happy to believe these people, even when what
>they're saying defies common sense.

You mean like those "environmental experts" from distant campuses
happy to be quoted on local issues outside their experience?

Cheers,  Ian S.


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