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Martin Collinson Martin.Collinson at
Thu Sep 17 08:21:27 EST 1998

Alastair Rae wrote:

> It might effect you as gardeners but this is definitely off-topic in
> uk.rec.birdwatching. Please do not cross post into uk.r.b.

It might strictly be off charter, but it most definitely IS on-topic,
and potentially a cause of great concern for us all.  Herbicide
resistant crops mean less weeds, and less weeds mean less birds.  Ditto
insecticidal crops - what are tree sparrows going to feed their chicks? 
I would keep your eye much more closely on the ball.  Some of the crops
which are becoming commercially available next year could be a disaster.

All the best
Martin (genetic engineer, and not at all sinister)
Martin.Collinson at

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