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>>in innovation, they're interested in who pays their salary. It makes
>>me mad when people are happy to believe these people, even when what
>>they're saying defies common sense.
>You mean like those "environmental experts" from distant campuses
>happy to be quoted on local issues outside their experience?

Yes, I do mean like them as well. And I also mean those journalists
who in simplifying in issue, make it out to be much more polarised
than it really is. That's the beauty of groups like URG. Each aspect
of gardening is dicussed here in the light of the experience of
everybody who feels they have something to contribute. People aren't
overly impressed by pompous technical phrases and they rely in the
main on their own experience rather than on theories. Sometimes a
concensus occurs and sometimes the issue is left open ended, which is
what most things should be, let's face it.

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