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Thu Sep 17 14:19:01 EST 1998

Martin Collinson wrote:

> Alastair Rae wrote:
> > It might effect you as gardeners but this is definitely off-topic in
> > uk.rec.birdwatching. Please do not cross post into uk.r.b.
> It might strictly be off charter, but it most definitely IS on-topic,
> and potentially a cause of great concern for us all.  Herbicide
> resistant crops mean less weeds, and less weeds mean less birds.

Not quite.  Herbicides have been used for decades, so there have been less
weeds for quite a while.  Before herbides were around, weeds were controlled
by plowing, which led to great soil losses.  The difference is that now the
same amount of weed control is obtained with less herbicide applications.

Ditto insecticidal crops - what are tree sparrows going to feed their

First of all, for the past few decades, insects have been controlled by the
application of insecticides, many of which were not very discrimminatory in
the insects they kill and which also have been toxic to birds and other
wildlife.  The insecticidal plants approved for marketing have an
insecticide that is toxic only to a few insect species.  No more, no less.

> I wold keep your eye much more closely on the ball.  Some of the crops
> which are becoming commercially available next year could be a disaster.
> All the best
> Martin (genetic engineer, and not at all sinister)
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