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Alan J Holmes wrote:

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> >Stop cross posting this into uk.rec.birdwatching.
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> So, it doesn't worry you that this sort of messing about with
> chemicals is killing off the birds?
> One of the things about genetically engineering crops is that
> they, the crops that is, become imune to the effects of chemicals
> sprayed on them, but the birds you appear not to be worried about
> will eat the chemicals and probably die, but, as I've already
> said, you don't care about that, do you?

Here is an alternative view:

Crops are currently being sprayed anyway, and have been for decades.  What
is now different is that crops can be sprayed with a different type of
chemical.  Crops engineered for herbicide resistance are resistant to
glyphosate or glufosinate.  Both of these herbicides inactivate an enzyme
that only exists in plants, and are therefore not toxic to most other
organisms. Furthermore, these herbicides are effective in very small doses,
and do not contain any chlorinated compounds.  Overall, the use of such
engineered plants are leading to a huge decrease in the amount of toxins
released into the environment.

And for those of you who are not farmers, farmers do not spray for the heck
of it.  Excessive spraying is a good way to wipe out all profits and lose
the farm.  So, herbicide resistant plants are not leading to increased

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