STOP CROSS POSTING [was: Genetically engineered crops - List of sites]

Roger Whitehead rgw at
Thu Sep 17 08:37:24 EST 1998

In article <3600F967.31D2D1FD at>, Alastair Rae wrote:
> Stop cross posting this into uk.rec.birdwatching.
> This sort of discussion is explicitly excluded from its charter

Welcome to the buttoned-down world of serious twitching! I've been reading 
that charter:

'Rule 16a: Every message posted to uk.rec.birdwatching must include at least 
one of these terms: "bins", "jizz", "life list", "birders", "route planning" 
or "fieldmarks"'

'Rule 24cii: Messages containing considerations of general environmental 
matters, habitat management, species interaction, biodiversity or other such 
irrelevancies are forbidden. Persistent offenders will have their tripods 

'Rule 24ciii: Migratory messages can only be counted if seen simultaneously 
and verified relevant by three other members in good standing'

It gets worse as you go further!  8-)


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