Weak attachment of Poinsettia breaks

eric.e.smoczyk.1 esmoczyk at purdue.edu
Thu Sep 17 14:24:20 EST 1998

I have started working with a problem that many growers of poinsettias are
faced with, weak stem attachment of lateral breaks.  I have looked at the
break's cross section and there appears to be a sort of "abscission" layer
formed around the vascular tissue of the branch.  The weakest attachments
appear to be the lower 2-3 breaks of the total 5-6.  Another observation
is that these side branches also appear to become much more succulent (ie
their diameter increases greatly) as they continue to grow up.  The side
branches don't appear to be any smaller based on whether they break from
the top of the cutting or not.  I have looked at some possibilities of
this problem, but I am open to any suggestions and reasons for them.
Also, feel free to ask any additional questions of me to help you
understand the nature of the situation.

Thank you
Eric Smoczyk

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