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>> > It might effect you as gardeners but this is definitely off-topic in
>> > uk.rec.birdwatching. Please do not cross post into uk.r.b.

>> It might strictly be off charter, but it most definitely IS on-topic,
>> and potentially a cause of great concern for us all.  Herbicide
>> resistant crops mean less weeds, and less weeds mean less birds.

>Not quite.  Herbicides have been used for decades, so there have been less
>weeds for quite a while.  Before herbides were around, weeds were controlled
>by plowing, which led to great soil losses.  The difference is that now the
>same amount of weed control is obtained with less herbicide applications.

That's funny I was under the impression that ploughing in weeds
was good for the ground, adds humus.

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