STOP CROSS POSTING [was: Genetically engineered crops - List of sites]

Alan Gould alan at
Fri Sep 18 03:46:05 EST 1998

In article <VA.000014e6.00d1422d at rogersbox>, Roger Whitehead
<rgw at> writes
>In article <SYXtyrA51VA2EwTp at>, Alan Gould wrote:
>> Seeing that urbspeak reinforces my belief that there's hope for urg yet.
>"Urbspeak"? "urg"? Lost me there, Alan.

Sorry - 'urbspeak' was meant to indicate the kind of expressions used in
'urb' - uk.rec.birdwatching.

'urg' is of course this group - universally.recognised.gardening. 
It's where you go when you have the urg-e to discuss gardening.

Alan Gould

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