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breaking up the surface of the soil leads to wucker erosion from rain and
wind. As an extreme case just look at what is happening on the southern
slopes of the Himalayas. Cutting down forests has lead to soil being washed
away wholesale. 
Also look back at the dust bowl in the American mid west.
Theres loads more examples.

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> >Martin Collinson wrote:
> >> Alastair Rae wrote:
> >> > It might effect you as gardeners but this is definitely off-topic in
> >> > uk.rec.birdwatching. Please do not cross post into uk.r.b.
> >> It might strictly be off charter, but it most definitely IS on-topic,
> >> and potentially a cause of great concern for us all.  Herbicide
> >> resistant crops mean less weeds, and less weeds mean less birds.
> >Not quite.  Herbicides have been used for decades, so there have been
> >weeds for quite a while.  Before herbides were around, weeds were
> >by plowing, which led to great soil losses.  The difference is that now
> >same amount of weed control is obtained with less herbicide
> That's funny I was under the impression that ploughing in weeds
> was good for the ground, adds humus.
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