STOP CROSS POSTING [was: Genetically engineered crops - List of sites]

Alastair Rae arae at
Fri Sep 18 06:59:49 EST 1998

Alan J Holmes wrote:
> In article <3600F967.31D2D1FD at>,
> Alastair Rae  <arae at> wrote:
> >Stop cross posting this into uk.rec.birdwatching.
> >This sort of discussion is explicitly excluded from its charter.
> So, it doesn't worry you that this sort of messing about with
> chemicals is killing off the birds?
> [...]

Don't put words into my mouth, you arrogant fuckwit.
My opinion is irrelevant. This sort of discussion is explicitly excluded
from the charter of uk.rec.birdwatching.
If you don't know what a charter is, go and read any article on
There are plenty of groups for discussing environmental politics.

You could equally argue that the issue is so important that you should
post to every single group on usenet. We're all humans who eat crops
after all
so therefore it must be relevant to everyone!

Take your hysterical ravings/informed argument (delete as appropriate)
the right newsgroups.

> uk.rec.birdwatching reinstated.
uk.rec.birdwatching removed. 
uk.rec.gardening removed.

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