genetically engineered crops

Jim Wright jwright at
Sat Sep 19 00:45:37 EST 1998

<> wrote:
>Biotechnology in crop production has proven to be safe. 

Balderdash. Nothing of the sort has been proven. In fact, biotechnology,
including genetic engineering has the capacity for infinite harm.  Only
the ethics of the proponents and the regulators stand in the way, for 
what that's worth.

That being said, I think GE also has the capacity so help solve many of 
the problems of agriculture. What determines it's uses in the future will
depend on a vigilant population. 

For example, insect
>resistance in food crops allows less use of pesticides and therefore less
>residues in food.

Are insecticides produced in plant tissues inherently safer than 
manufactured pesticides? 

 Let's remember "genetic engineering" occurs in nature(i.e.
>cross pollination).

"Engineering" implies intent. Are you suggesting natural evolution is

 Increasing food production on limited land and natural
>resources has and will continue to be a major concern throughout the world.
>A save and reliable food supply is crucial to the need for a constantly
>growing world population.

 No one has any reason to be concerned with

No fool, perhaps. 

The science has proven GE food  to be save for human

I'm willing to accept that nothing produced so far is dangerous, but I 
respect others who aren't so sure.


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