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At 2:46 AM -0400 9/18/98, Beat wrote:
>Dear all
>I would like to perform measurements of epidermal cells within the elongation
>zone of grass leaves. I have literature about several different methods
>microscopy, replica techniques with cellulose acetat or nail polish, etc.),
>but haven't practised any of them.
>Does anybody have experience with any of these techniques (critical details,
>used chemicals, etc.)?
>I appreciate your help.
>Beat Reidy
>beat.reidy at ipw.agrl.ethz.ch

It has been YEARS since I did grass epidermal replicas.
But the process is easy enough...simply paint the
epidermis with clear nail polish, wait for it to dry,
peel it off and examine the replica side of the peel
in a wet mount.  Some stain can be used to add contrast
as it will pool in the deeper parts of the replica...
but almost any stain will do.

The only "gotcha" in this is that the peel is somewhat
flexible and can stretch and distort actual measurements.
I pre-peel measure and post-peel measure of the replica
can assist in applying any needed correction factors.


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