Peace Lilly Question

Pariah pariah at
Wed Sep 23 17:10:25 EST 1998

um, not too important unless the roots are very crowded, and there is a
shortage of water because of it. but if i may ask, why do you unpot them to
put them out anyway? i just put mine in their pots out on my patio, and they
love it. the stress is bad enough when they have to come inside for the
winter, i wouldn't want to worry about the added stress of disturbing the
roots. plus, you have the added danger of bringing worms, earwigs, and other
creepy crawlies into your home (believe me, you don't want to turn on the
bathroom light in the middle of the night to earwigs, i know). --d
Troy Bull wrote in message <6u8dbr$mis at>...
>I have 2 peace lilies  Last spring I put them outside in a flower bed I
>have.  They did very well  I got 2 pots the other day and dug them up and
>repotted them so that I could bring them inside.  The problem, is that one
>is so big it would almost not fit into the pot.  It did fit but just
>I packed soil around the bulbs and roots and watered it in well.  My
>question is this, do I need to get a larger pot to keep it in until next
>spring?  How important is "root room"?
>Troy Bull
>Sr. Programmer Analyst
>University of Northern Iowa

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