Zamioculcas - yellow leaves?

Rebecca Webb webbrl at
Wed Sep 23 09:34:55 EST 1998

Hi.  Since my dejanews search of zamioculcas yielded nothing, I'm posting
here (bionet.plants came up under a search of "aroid." Feel free to direct
me to a more appropriate newsgroup).

Are the lower leaves on my Zamioculcas supposed to turn yellow (and fall
off at the touch)?  The plant seems to be doing well... tons of new
growth.  I'm hoping that some leaves are supposed to "die off" to make
room for new growth, so to speak...


(details you might wonder... the plant lives indoors in a college
president's office in Morris, Minnesota.  Back in a corner under
flourescent lights... NOT near a window.  Waterered every week to 10 days
when the dirt feels basically dry.  Fed with fish emulsion)

There are no atheists in the wilderness.

--Roberto Quezada

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