Peace Lilly Question

Stephanie stephani at
Thu Sep 24 00:49:15 EST 1998

"Troy Bull" <troy.bull at> wrote:

If it wilts constantly, you will need a bigger pot.  They like moist,
but not wet, soil.  :-)

>I have 2 peace lilies  Last spring I put them outside in a flower bed I
>have.  They did very well  I got 2 pots the other day and dug them up and
>repotted them so that I could bring them inside.  The problem, is that one
>is so big it would almost not fit into the pot.  It did fit but just barely.
>I packed soil around the bulbs and roots and watered it in well.  My
>question is this, do I need to get a larger pot to keep it in until next
>spring?  How important is "root room"?


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