Does Red Mustard and Broccoli hybridise?

Alan Gould alan at
Fri Sep 25 13:50:27 EST 1998

In article <360b6720.915160 at>, Dennis
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>Hi all,
>In my vegetable garden I have Broccoli "Coral Green" and Mustard "Red
>Giant" growing together. They are both flowering now. I would like to
>save the seed of both types for next season. I was wondering if there
>was any chance of them hybridising even though they are seperate
>species ( the Red Mustard is Brassica juncea and the Broccoli is
>Brassica oleracea) ? I hope not otherwise the seeds produced will be
>useless and I won't bother keeping them.

It's purely an opinion but I would say that those two types of Brassica
are unlikely to cross-pollinate by chance. 
You might bear in mind that both species are already hybridised to some
extent and that their seeds, even without any cross-pollination, can
produce some specimens not true to their parent plants.  
Alan Gould

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