Does Red Mustard and Broccoli hybridise?

Beverly Erlebacher bae at
Fri Sep 25 17:35:11 EST 1998

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Dennis  <dennar at> wrote:
>In my vegetable garden I have Broccoli "Coral Green" and Mustard "Red
>Giant" growing together. They are both flowering now. I would like to
>save the seed of both types for next season. I was wondering if there
>was any chance of them hybridising even though they are seperate
>species ( the Red Mustard is Brassica juncea and the Broccoli is
>Brassica oleracea) ? I hope not otherwise the seeds produced will be
>useless and I won't bother keeping them.

There may be some small chance of hybridizing, but you will get a lot 
of seeds, so no problem roguing out any suspected crosses.  Broccoli 
doesn't self pollinate readily, and when it does the offspring tend
to be weak, so I hope you are letting more than one plant go to seed.
Btw, it's insect pollinated, so don't use pesticides in the area.

Good luck.  More people should try saving their own seed.  It's quite
interesting and you get lots of seed to give away, too.

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