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  I farm some 1600 acres total of row crop and others.	Genetics is a
powerful tool, but, I am aware of the experiment that was to increase the oil
content of soybeans.  There was a gene spliced in from a pecan tree that was
supposed to be fantastic,  until they found they had coded in a protein that
caused allergies in people that were allergic to pecans.  It was very close
to marketablity.  This is not a subject to take lightly.  I have no desire to
have deaths on my hand when it is unavoidable.	Better beware.	Sincerely , 

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> >Biotechnology in crop production has proven to be safe. For example,
> >insect
> >resistance in food crops allows less use of pesticides and therefore less
> >residues in food. Let's remember "genetic engineering" occurs in
> >nature(i.e.
> >cross pollination). Increasing food production on limited land and natural
> >resources has and will continue to be a major concern throughout the
> >world.
> >A save and reliable food supply is crucial to the need for a constantly
> >growing world population. No one has any reason to be concerned with
> >biotechnology. The science has proven GE food  to be save for human
> >consumption.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> Isn't it nice how we will be able to use less artificial insecticide on
> our artificial plants?
> It's all artificial. That means man-made. That means it may go
> wrong. Any arguments?
> David Brear
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