Color and it's influence on plant growth

Pam Parrish limabean at
Mon Sep 28 00:47:37 EST 1998

Yes, I have seen a project just like this at a science fair, and it really
does matter - you will find that growth is affected by color.  I won't
spoil it for you by telling you which does what!  CLUE: plants reflect
green light, and absorb all the other colors....

jrath <jrathbun at> wrote in article
<360EB33C.106F at>...
> My son is involved with a school science project and wants to know if
> anyone has done experiements on the effects of color on plant growth. 
> His experiement involves growing beans in little cups and taping a cone
> of colored paper around the cups.  Both of us would appreciate any
> information you might give us on this topic
> Paul's dad

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