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Tue Sep 29 06:19:47 EST 1998

Eegs <eegs at> wrote:

Gardener's Supply Co. has some indoor (and small outdoor)
greenhouses.... 1-800-863-1700 to order a catalogue.

Also lots of garden magazines have listings in the back of companies
that sell greenhouses of all sizes.

I found 6,  2'x4' windows on the side of the road and my neighbor
built a frame...I now have a 4'x2' freestanding greenhouse.  (back is
solid and roof is thick plastic for now.)

>I'm looking for a company that sells small indoor greenhouses, able
>tohold about 5-10 plants or so.  Please, if anyon has any information,
>please help.  Thanks.

>    Ian Hunter
>    ihunter at

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