Fruit-based computers (was: Plants as network medium?)

stephen at darwin.UCSC.EDU stephen at darwin.UCSC.EDU
Tue Sep 29 14:23:21 EST 1998

I think they tried this already; it was called the Apricot PC.

Just didn't grow anywhere.

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>>> Hello all, at the risk of being flamed for crazy ideas I decided to
>>> ask the following question.
>>>  Would it be possible to use plants as the transmission medium for
>>> networks?
>> By a strange coincidence, there's an article on *fruit*-based
>> computers on It's a spoof news site, so don't expect
>> anything serious. The URL is;
>I know this is all good fun.
>But take a look at the book "Slant" by Greg Bear. It is pertinant
>to this thread, to say the least.
>Dale Pontius
>edgehp AT together DOT net


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