sex of plants

Monique Reed monique at
Wed Sep 30 12:45:13 EST 1998

While many flowering plants have flowers that have both male and female parts 
(or separate male and female flowers on the same plant), many plants do, in 
fact,  have flowers of only one sex.  The same goes for various conifers and 
other gymnosperms and ferns.

Examples: holly, squash, cucumber, some dock, willow, mulberries, poplars, 
ginkgos, juniper, Podocarpus, wax myrtle, papaya, and many et ceteras.

What gets interesting is studying the various mechanisms.  Some plants 
actually have the plant equivalent of sex chromosomes, just like humans.

M. Reed.

>hi, i am not an expert 
in matters plant related. I have been told that>plants can be female. This 
contradicts what i was told at school, can>somebody please tell me if plants 
can have a sex.

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