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GStigall gstigall at
Wed Apr 14 12:43:10 EST 1999

Roger Whitehead writes:>If it's the former (Greater Periwinkle), put it where
you don't want anything
>herbaceous growing. It's a complete hooligan and will swamp most things. 
>Lesser Periwinkle, as the name suggests, is more genteel.

In fact, the California Exotic Pest Plant Council (CalEPPC - has Vinca major on their"List B: Wildland Pest Plants
of Lesser Invasiveness" and notes that it "invades riparian areas, oak
woodlands, coastal zones" so it's a plant best not placed where it can escape
into wildlands.

Having personally worked on trying to eradicate V. major in a few locations, I
can attest to the fact that it's both  difficult to remove and completely
displaces native plants.  

Georgia Stigall
Native Habitats

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