snake berries?

Harold Olivier orchids at
Thu Apr 29 10:23:11 EST 1999

trowe at wrote:

>Has anyone ever heard of these? They grow in Virginia and Georgia, USA for sure.
>They look very much like wild strawberries, but are shiny, and lighter than
>wild strawberries.
>I can't find any information on them, but I grew up with my mom telling me they
>are poisonous, and my son ate part of one.
>What is the biological name? Are they really poisonious?
>Tom Rowe
>Atlanta, GA

If you are talking about the plant commonly called 'Snakeberry', a
species of Actaea, the berries (and all other parts of the plant) are
definitely poisonous, but must be eaten in large amounts to be
harmful. Part of a berry isn't enough to do any real harm, although it
might cause pain in the mouth. For pictures to aid in identification
and information on toxicity see this page:

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