effect of music on plant growth

Gaylord Mink gmink at bentonrea.com
Mon Aug 2 17:49:28 EST 1999

check out your local school science fairs.  nearly
every year for decades students at all levels have
tested and retested two questions that have
baffled mankind for centuries;1) "does music
effect plant growth" and 2) "which has more impact
the classics or rock/rap?' .

Starbuck wrote:
> >>>I am desesperetly looking for some
> information about the effects of sound waves (music for example) on plant
> growth<<<
> There were some experiments done in the US during the late 1970's that
> indicated that some types of music had an effect upon plant growth.  Further
> studies refuted the initial findings, and the prevailing view (at the
> present time) is that music does not have a measurable effect on plants.
> Sorry, but I don't have references for the studies for you.  You might want
> to repeat them, or see if they were not accurate.  If you can find them.
> Can anybody help?
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