identify a plant?

Steve Hinkson sphinkson at
Thu Aug 12 18:03:18 EST 1999

Cool all !
I think we've got it narrowed down.  Thanks !
I have a photo of Dioscorea bulbifera.  The aerial tubers look like what I
planted.  The vine doesn't.  The leaves are much more deltoid, and the vine
has 4 "wings".
Anyone know of a detailed description of Dioscorea alata, or a photo?
Thanks, again,

mystic wrote:

> Steve Hinkson wrote:
> >
> > To all Spanish speakers, and anyone interested in ethnic foods:
> >
> > I need help identifying a vegetable.  I bought what seems to be a
> > tuber.  It was at a Latino market and labeled "name"  I assume that's
> > pronounced "Naa-may"?
> > It may be an Ipomoea or Diosorea.  Grew a vine with HUGE (20 cm X 15
> > cm) heart shaped  leaves.  The vine stem is distinctly four sided, and
> > somewhat flanged.
> > any ideas?
> One of the 'true' yams.  Pronounced 'NYAH-may'.  Friend of mine in the
> Peace Corp spent two years in Veraguas, Panama running a coop for the
> local 'name' farmers.  Very popular in central/south America.
> Appleman

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