sperm-smelling tree?

Stephen M Jankalski CEREOID at prodigy.net
Sun Aug 22 18:21:15 EST 1999

Maybe you should be more specific by describing the tree.

Boxwoods have a distinct smell like urine.

Privit and holly trees have a disagreeable pungent smell when they bloom.

Wandering Jew <devchonka33 at hotmail.com> wrote in article
<37C03879.6BF6 at hotmail.com>...
> Hey, dudes, this might strike you as a silly question
> but I hope I can get an answer! There's this tree that
> sort of smells like human sperm in summer (I think when
> it flowers). A pretty strong distinct smell. What's it
> called? And is it the flowers that smell?
> Thanks!
> Kalb

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