My zygocactus

timothy waggoner tnjwaggoner at
Mon Dec 6 11:33:40 EST 1999

Veronique Laforte wrote:

> Hello Everybody I'm very new here..
> I recently bought a zygocactus at the grocery store nearby. I know the plant
> well since I had one for years that grew pretty big and made tons of pink
> flowers, which I gave to my mom when I moved.
> This one seemed healthy when I bought it, but since then the 'leaves' are in
> serious necrosis.. dead spots, brown, appear on them and after a while they
> fall off the plant.
> I water the plant regularly although not too much, and I give a mild
> fertilizer with the water. The plant is still producing flowers but everyday
> new leaves become necrotic. I've done a little research and it appears it
> could be the Zygocactus Virus X at work.. but nowhere does it tell what I'm
> supposed to do!
> Help
> Veronique

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