dying flytrap plant?

Scott Mcphee hyphae at email.msn.com
Wed Dec 29 14:51:54 EST 1999

Your flytrap may also just be going winter dormant, which it requires to
survive. It will grow well outiside in many areas that do not freeze hard.
People that live in places that do not provide a cool drier winter rest are
known to place the plants into the refrigerator for a couple months. During
dormancy, the large leaves disapear die back and only a small rosette will
be visible.

By all means, do not feed it hamburger. It does not only eat flies, other
bugs you find around will suit it very fine.

Here is a link to a good article on growing the VFT:




Matt Smith wrote in message <386a4895.1257130 at news.compuserve.com>...
>On Mon, 27 Dec 1999 00:08:57 -0000, "César Sánchez"
><cesarsan at arrakis.es> wrote:
>>does anybody know how to stop a seemingly dying process in a flytrap plant
>>(don´t know the scientific name)?. the point is that i´ve been trying to
>>feed it with small bits of raw minced meat (there are no flies right know
>>spain), but after it "eats", the "jaws" remain closed and, after some days
>>they begin to get yellow, then black, and then die. i water it a lot
>>what they sa) and since yesterday i have it with a lot of light, under 80
>>of fluoros.
>It sounds like you are overfeeding your Venus Flytrap ( Dionaea
>muscipula).  Assuming you are in the northern hemisphere, don't worry,
>as the Flytrap will not need feeding over the winter months.  What is
>probably happening is that the leaves are closing on the mince but
>this is not being digested before it starts to rot.  When the meat
>starts to rot then the leaf will also rot.  Cut off all of the black
>dead leaves and leave it alone.  During the summer it will catch all
>the flies it needs, and it does not need very many of these.
>Stand the pot in a saucer of water and keep the saucer filled up with
>rainwater, If you haven't got this then distilled water can be used as
>in an emergency.  I'm not sure about light levels, but a well lit
>windowsill should be ok.
>Hope this helps

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