Genetically modified crops - February issue

Roger Whitehead rgw at
Fri Feb 5 13:53:19 EST 1999

In article <EQ6ogEB24tu2EwA1 at>, Alan Gould wrote:
> Some very worrying developments emerged yesterday (04.02.99) about GMOs.
> On Any Questions, Peter Haskins, (Lord Haskins, Govt. Minister, Northern
> Foods et al) admitted to great embarrassment about the whole affair.

It seems that we have yet to see the full bag of Monsanto tricks opened. Here's 
an extract from a newsletter I get:

The WASHINGTON POST revealed this week that MONSANTO is hiring private
detectives to take snippings off Canadian farmers to catch them using
unlicensed copies of the company's GE crops. MONSANTO then reads out 
the names of these 'seed pirates' on local radio, and encourages other
farmers to shop their neighbours using a FAST-like hotline. (FAST is 
the UK Federation against Software theft.)

Just think, soon the National Trust will soon be able to sue for intellectual
property theft the legions of little old ladies who are "just taking a little 
cutting, dear".
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