ficus tree -- is it dead? or bring-backable?

Dimitri & Rania Tsalia tsalas98 at
Mon Feb 15 07:54:45 EST 1999

Lisa_Zorn wrote in message <79tk1c$j6 at>...
>I have a ficus tree and it looks pretty dead -- not a sign of green
>Can anyone tell me if there is any way to find out for certain?  That is,
>there any possibility that I can bring it back?  If so, how?  It never was
>doing very well, it's been going down hill for a long time but now I fear
>the worst.... Alas...
>Lisa_Zorn at

What you should do, is first of all try to remove the plant from the soil to
check that the roots are not damaged from too much water (rotten) or that
there are not any warms in the ground!  Prepare some new soil to put it in,
and a new pot.  After that cut the branches of the tree starting from top to
bottom, and do not forget to put some sulphure where the tree "bleeds" (a
white substance).  Water the new soil and leave it alone for two days in a
sheltered corner, away from drafts, with plenty of light but not direct sun.
After two days check the soil for water (add if needed).  I hope that this
will save your tree!!

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