need to revive my ailing jade plant

Gleason Pace gleason at
Tue Jan 5 17:37:09 EST 1999

On Mon, 04 Jan 1999 02:29:28 GMT, Randall Flagg <topping at>

>Hope someone out there can help.  Hope this was the right place to ask.
>If not please feel free to flame me.  I probably deserve it.
>Anyways I have this jade that belongs to my ex wife (hence the
>urgency).  I went on vacation for a week, came back to a cold house and
>a flat as a pancake jade.  I soaked in in the shower with a lot of steam
>and some of it came back but some did not.

Jade plants definitely don't like to be cold.  If you got some to come
back, it might be that your best bet is to carefully prune what has
been lost as it will come off easily and tenderly (warmly) care for
the rest. Don't let your ex see it for a year or two.  Jades don't
grow fast.

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