New to group. Corn plant and Ficus plant question.

Monique Reed monique at
Tue Jan 19 10:11:04 EST 1999

Sounds like your tap water might be a little high in salt.  That is the usual 
cause of tip-burning in Corn plants.   As for the ficus, they routinely lose 
all or nearly all of their leaves when they are moved.  Be patient, keep it 
moist, and wait for the new leaves.

M. Reed

>I've had them both for a long time.  I
>moved them with me from Florida to
>Upstate New York.  They've both grown
>tremendously, but these are my
>questions.  What does a yellow leaf
>mean?  What about tips of leaves turning
>dry and dead looking?

>How much water should I give to the
>Ficus weekly?  He's (yes, I call him
>"he") about 6 feet.  I've had him for 5
>years when he was about 8 inches tall.
>He's beautiful, but I am not sure about
>his watering since it is winter and dry
>in the house.  He seems to be losing
>leaves more than usual.

>Same with the corn plant.

>What can I do to be a better plant Mom?


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