Having problems with my plant! Arrgh!

Dimitri & Rania Tsalia tsalas98 at ath.forthnet.gr
Sat Jan 23 09:24:32 EST 1999

Chaotic Silly wrote in message <785ive$hrb$1 at jenny.state.net>...
>Does anyone know WHY my perfectly cared for Pineapple plant might be
>I have it in direct sunlight for the whole day, I water it every couple
>(with dechlorinated water), and I give it a Miracle Grow mineral stick
>month or so..  All of my leaves are drooping, and the plant is starting to
>look really sad. :(  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, and I don't want to
>loose the plant before the fruit matures.
>    -Chaotic Silly
>I think that your plant is over-watered.  You really should not water it
more than once a week during the winter time, and a maximum of twice a week
in summer, and you should let it dry out between watering.  Also liquid food
should be added to water once a week when the fruit is forming.  Another
thing you should look for is that the plant is in a protected from  the
draughts position.

The last thing I can tell you, is not to worry about the plant if the fruit
is there.  Its leaves shrivel and die after flowering.  All Ananas
(pineapples) die after flowering!!

I whish you the best of luck with your plant.


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