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Thu Jan 28 16:06:26 EST 1999

Aldea Digital 4 Aula Lorca wrote:

> Could anybody tell me how and when to grow cacti seeds?

While some seeds, such as Opuntia species, require special treatment.
Seeds of most species will respond well to the following treatment.
Seeds can be planted at any time of year. I generally plant them in the
fall so as to have them germinated and growing by Springtime.
Soil: I use a commercial cactus soil mixed 2 to 1 with Perlite to give
added porosity (Good porosity is VERY important).
Container: A regular shallow pot is fine. I often use plastic margarine
tubs with holes bored or burned into the bottom with a soldering iron
for drainage.
Fill the container with the soil mix. Water and allow to drain
Spread the seed as evenly as possible over the soil. Do not cover with
additional soil but simply press the seed down gently with your thumb.
Here's the neat part. Place the container in a non-permeable plastic bag
(Glad freezer bags work well). Blow into the bag to inflate it and seal
with a twist tie.
Place the bag in a bright location (window sill) (not in direct sunlight
which can burn the seedlings) and stand back. You should get results in
anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks depending on the species of cacti.
Germination can also be dependent on the age of the seed. Fresh seed
works best
The seedlings can be left in the bag for up to a year or more. They seem
to like the togetherness. If they finally grow too large and appear to
be strangling each other, repot into individual pots using the same soil
mix as above.
Good growing.


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