Rue Plant

jetson jetson47 at
Sat Jan 30 20:31:03 EST 1999

I wouldn't eat that plant if I were you.

Jason wrote:

> I recently acquired a rue plant from my mother's garden.  This is a very
> interesting plant, with a soothing fragrance. Its leaves can be used for
> stomach ailments.
> My question is this:  What is the best way to repot this specimen to
> assure its continued survival?    Mom has a green thumb and could
> probably make a broomstick grow by just watering it.  I on the other
> hand have been known to kill cacti.  She doesn't do anything special
> with her plants, and they're doing very well, having taken over a whole
> corner of her garden. She repots and replants with no ill effects or
> special potting soils.
> I haven't been able to find much information on this exotic plant, and
> my local nursery has never even heard of it.
> Any ideas?
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